Who Is Johandre Potgieter?

Born in 1994, Johandre Potgieter grew up in Mosselbay. At a very young age, he had an encounter with God that radically changed the direction of his life. A year before the birth of Johandre, his mother received a prophetic word that she will have a son that will be like a Samuel to his generation.

Almost from the beginning Johandre experienced a call of God on his life and started searching for ways to reach people with the Good News of the Gospel. Straight after school Johandre and a friend started to host tent crusaders in the regions of the Western Cape but after a while, Johandre had to return to Mosselbay to start working, as he did not have any support to continue with the tent crusades.

While working at a company he experienced the call of God so strongly that he became miserable because of the longing in his heart to respond to the call. On a Sunday morning in December of 2014, Johandre woke up with an idea to record a video of encouragement and to post it on social media, not having a platform, he went ahead doing what the Lord laid on his heart.

In a period of 24 hours, the video went viral, reaching thousands of people. As Johandre continued to preach the Gospel on Social Media his platform grew rapidly and invitations to speak at churches across South Africa came pouring into such an extent that he had to quit his job to finally step into Ministry full time.

Shortly after that the Ministry of Good News Association was started.
In 2017 God spoke to Johandre to step out to do his own events with the name “Your New Beginning”.

The events started small but its growth is unparalleled, as we see multitudes of people coming and large numbers responding to the message of salvation. Since the Ministry started we have reached millions online and thousands in our meetings and this is just the beginning.

Johandre got married on the 30th of March 2019 to his best friend, and they live in Mosselbay South Africa.

Johandré & Samantha Potgieter

What Is Our Mission?

The mission of Johandre and Good News Association is to be obedient to the great commission. We are passionate to see the lost saved, the saved equipped and the equipped being send to do the same.

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